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Some information about me that may be fun or relevant?
Do you like what you see?
What would be important to see that you don’t see? (Except 10 years of experience of course)
—————————————- Last Updated September 30, 2016


➣ Graduated simultaneously from Utah County Academy of Science(High School) and UVU with an Associate’s Degree (2012)
➣ Junior with 108 College credits at UVU Studying Personal Financial Planning (2017 graduation expectation)
➣ 4 year seminary degree from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (2012)

Relevant Accomplishments:

➣ Counselor at UVU MMRC for finance since August 2016 (25 hours of service)
➣ 3-month trained internship from Searcy Financial Services, Kansas City
➣ In Leadership of UVU’s Student Chapter of the Financial Planning Association(2016-2017 School Year)
➣ Religious Supervisor of 8-12 full-time service missionaries in New Zealand (Sept 2014- Jun 2015)
➣ 2 year Ministerial and Service Mission in New Zealand (June 13′-15′)
➣ Elected Student Body President for 2011-2012 school year
➣ 4th place Ballroom- Smooth Style Youth Championship event at NDCA Nationals (2013)
➣ Organized and teach a weekly after school social dance class of 20-30 students(2010-2012)
➣Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts of America (3-19-2008)
➣ Ran Timpanogas Storytelling Festival’s recycling program for 2 years (2011-2012), Tent Emcee 2015, Committee Member and Emcee for 2016 event

Financial Planning Events Attended:

➣ FinCon 16 in San Diego September 21-24th, 2016
➣ FPABE Baltimore September 13-16th, 2016
➣ Bob Veres Insiders Forum attendee Sep 28-30 2015
➣ ADISA Conference Las Vegas Spring 2016

Work Experience:

✦ Intern at Edward Jones September – November 2016 Salt Lake City, Utah
➣ Mutual Fund Analysis
➣ Business plan development and Observation of day to day activities.
✦ Intern at Searcy Financial Services May- July 2016  Kansas City, Kansas
➣ Database management, Clientele addressing, greeting and door work, Software updating, Procedure writing for new procedures.
➣ Preparing client onboarding, investment policy agreements, and other financial documents for signing and meetings. Sat in on onboarding meetings, and financial planning meetings. Participated in Business Development. (check out Allos Investment Advisors on Facebook and look for Intern Insights).
✦ Kindred Catapult Assembly ( 2007-2009  Utah
➣ Assembly Line management, manufacture and woodworking
➣ HR- payout and time clock managements
✦ Jacob’s lawnmower/ small engine repair and maintenance 2007-2010   Orem, Utah
➣ Business promotion and repair/service/pickup/drop-off of lawnmowers

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