So, I started a Website Today (Welcome to my site!)

Today was a typical Saturday. Slept in, tried to cook something but ended up eating nutter butter’s instead. Complained to my girlfriend about how fat I am. Tried to read that book for the fifth time but haven’t actually cracked the cover.

But, Here I go.

Blog Opening -

The purpose of this website is so people can see what I can offer for them. You need to think, what is this guy all about? He is alive and knows things, but what things does he know?

I’m going to show you a bunch of knowledge that stays in my head that can move to your head! Hopefully we’ll both be the better for it.

Catch my Resume page to see some things about me, where School is, home is, certifications, goals, aspirations, that weird business I started as a kid, and maybe I’ll even get descriptive about that weird mostly faded birth mark on my upper left thigh, who knows.

Hopefully this will become a growing resource of financial tools and thoughts you can use to navigate your personal journey. Perhaps this is for an employer scoping out to see if that tall red head could produce value. This website is the tool for you.

If you don’t find what you need, please. email me at or give me a text at my personal number (801) 500-8710.

I want to create the tools and resources you need to be financially successful, so if you want to know something. I will find the answers for you, or I will die trying



Jacob Brad Johnson

-Student of Personal Financial Planning, Utah Valley University
-Expected class of December 2017,
-Planned to sit for CFP Certification March 2018
-Committee of UVU Financial Planning Association (FPA) Student Chapter
-Lover of Ballroom Dance and West Coast Swing


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